MYLF Keeps Temptations Rising With Brand New Scenes

MYLF releases four hot new scenes featuring alluring and sexy mature women such as Armani Black, Brittany Andrews, Kenzie Taylor, and many more, who will captivate your senses like never before. Get ready to get off on these scenes full of desire and pleasure! MYLF Keeps Temptations Rising With Brand New Scenes MYLF premiered its newest series, Secrets. In this universe, all your hidden fantasies come to life. In the first episode, "The Highest Score,” Brittany Andrews portrays a naughty tutor helping her cute student (Conor Coxxx) prepare for his SATs. However, Conor continues to get distracted by his horniness. Brittany comes up with an idea to help him, anytime he gets an answer correct, he has permission to touch Brittany’s chest– the rewards only go further from there! Part 1 of MYLF's latest movie, “We’re The Taylors” also premiered this week. In this Bad Milfs scene, “We’re the Taylors Part 1: Time for a Getaway,” Kenzie Taylor struggles to keep her life afloat. She’s experiencing hardships both in her career due to the Hollywood writer’s strike and at home with her stepkids (Gal Ritchie and Elias Cash) constantly bickering. Her husband (Chad Alva) tries to console Kenzie by offering to take her and the kids on a spontaneous trip. But before Kenzie could share the news with them, the two confront her about her real job as a porn director! MYLF Labs introduces a new experimental scene with “Concept: Maid in Heaven.” Kyle Mason is tired of living in a lonely and filthy apartment, so he contacts a special maid service that promises to fulfill all his commands. Sherrie Moon shows up at his place, and Kyle is in awe at how incredibly sexy Sherrie looks in her tiny maid outfit. Sherrie quickly cleans up Kyle’s apartment, leaving the place spotless. Kyle is impressed with how good Sherrie is at her job, but Sherrie tells Kyle that her contract states she can do much more than clean his house while having her hand over his crotch… Armani Black gets a visit from Renee Rose at her home in an all-new Mylfed scene, “A Woman’s Touch.” Renee wanted to confess her feelings to her crush by delivering a love letter to him at his house. However, when Renee knocks on his door, his mom Armani answers instead. Armani truthfully tells Renee that her son actually just left with another girl, which leaves Renee feeling heartbroken. Feeling sympathetic, Armani invites Renee inside to chat a bit. She tells Renee that her son doesn’t deserve someone as kind-hearted as her, but Renee doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love or even sex. This prompts Armani to show Renee that a woman’s touch can be as fulfilling as a man’s! You can visit and follow on Twitter @GotMylf for their latest updates!

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