MYLF Features Hailey Nyxx In Her First Boy/Girl Scene

MYLF proudly announces the arrival of a sexy new talent, Hailey Nyxx! Hailey makes her sizzling porn debut in a brand new New Mylfs scene, “All Hail Hot Hailey”. Prepare for an inferno of passion and talent as Hailey sets pulses racing with her magnetic allure and undeniable presence. MYLF Features Hailey Nyxx In Her First Boy/Girl Scene In her first scene, the Texan beauty is sat down for an interview where she’s asked about her origins, hobbies, relationships, and her sex life. When asked what’s the craziest place she’s hooked up with someone, Hailey responds that she did it once in a restaurant!
“It was during business hours,” said Hailey. “I went to go eat and the guy I was with at the time kept telling me to go with him over there to do it. I told him no at first because I was scared we’d get caught, but eventually, we just did it. He was really into crazy stuff like public sex. It was my favorite restaurant so I just didn’t wanna get caught!”
After answering a couple more questions, Rion King joins in as the lucky stud who gets to pop Hailey’s porn cherry! Hailey shows off just what she’s made of and the skills she flaunts on set will leave viewers wanting more of this alluring charmer. Visit to check out Hailey Nyxx's new scene, and follow MYLF on Twitter @GotMylf.

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