Modern-Day Sins’ Releases “Her Younger Self”

Adult Time studio Modern-Day Sins is seeing double with its newest sinful release from the Lust Triangles series, “Her Younger Self”, starring Kenzie Taylor, Lilly Bell and Mick Blue. Modern-Day Sins’ Releases “Her Younger Self” Kenzie Taylor plays a dutiful wife who noticed that her husband made comments about how beautiful she was in her youth, so she sets out to find her twin, but just a few years younger, to bring home as the ultimate surprise for them to indulge in… together.
"Kenzie and Lilly don't just look alike, they have an amazing chemistry and rapport with each other as they team up to indulge Mick," said the studio's showrunner 3X West. "They make it effortless for us viewers to lose yourself in the immersion of the fantasy! It's a pairing that's too good - or should I say two good - to be true."
Lust Triangles is one of the seven Modern-Day Sins that delights in the depths of sexual depravity, which also includes Greedy Creampies, Proud Pervs, Cum Gluttons, Anal Envy, Mad Fuckers and Idle Fantasies.

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