Modern-Day Sins’ Proud Pervs Eases the Tension

Adult Time studio Modern-Day Sins presents a tale of skilled hands and hidden agendas with the release of Proud Pervs’ newest episode, “Lesbian Couple’s Massage Misdirection.” Modern-Day Sins’ Proud Pervs Eases the Tension Two horny masseurs, Codey Steele and Nathan Bronson, prepare the room for their next massage clients, Hime Marie and Hazel Moore. Nathan's pretty excited since he thinks they scored by having TWO women to massage and potentially provide happy endings. Codey explains that Hime and Hazel are a couple celebrating their anniversary together, so this rubdown will have to remain strictly professional... Turns out, one of the ladies is down for some fun with the boys: “Would you like an extra special massage?” whispers Codey to Hime, smiling conspiratorially to Nathan. “Oh, I’d be very interested in an extra special massage,” replies Hime, as her girlfriend remains blissfully unaware of the sneaky exclusive ‘treatment’ Hime is about to receive!
"Massage has always been a staple on Adult Time, not to mention the industry at large," mused the studio's showrunner 3X West. "It's one of our top searched categories every month, and even though we have several dedicated series for it, fans can't seem to get enough of it! So hopefully, this episode of Modern-Day Sins will rub audiences the right way - pun fully intended!"
Proud Pervs is the unabashed celebration of naughty, lewd and downright rude behavior, be it exhibition, public sex, couple swapping, or cuckolding. Dastardly, deplorable or disgraceful, it doesn’t matter - there’s no shame in their game. You can watch "Lesbian Couple's Massage Misdirection" on the official Adult Time website.

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