MixedX Reveals “Love’s Journey Through Grief” in New Scene

MixedX presents an intense exploration of life after loss in the latest scene from director Christina Shine, “Love's Journey Through Grief” at MixedX.com and AdultTime.com. MixedX Reveals “Love's Journey Through Grief” in New Scene Mimi Cica plays a successful woman who struggles in her love life two years on from the death of her wife while raising her stepdaughter (Mia Split), a beautiful but painful reminder of her former happy life.
“I cannot bear to let her go… she bears an uncanny resemblance to my ex-wife, with her captivating eyes, the curve of her lips and the gentle melodiousness of her voice, reminiscent of her mother’s…”
Mimi falls for Tiffany Tatum, who “emerged like a guardian angel to protect me and shower me with love”, and constantly schemes to wedge herself between mother and stepdaughter, taking advantage of Mimi’s grieving process. When Tiffany discovers Mia’s job at an erotic massage parlor, Tiffany secretly arranges a couples massage appointment under an alias, with Mia as their masseuse…
Shine said of the talented cast, “Mia Split and Tiffany Tatum gave exceptional performances, and Mimi Cica perfectly captured the complex emotions of a grieving widow with incredible depth, skillfully portraying the inner turmoil of someone susceptible to the allure of another, even if their intentions may not align with her well-being."

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