Miss Fleshbot Kayla Kayden Featured in the NY Post

I was on Twitter last night when a tweet from the NY Post caught my attention. It was a picture of a girl I recognized. It was none other than our very own Miss Fleshbot, Kayla Kayden. Miss Fleshbot Kayla Kayden Featured in the NY Post The headline read, "I partied at the Playboy Mansion — models were blacklisted for refusing sex." An OnlyFans star claims she saw a model booted from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion after refusing to perform a public sex act on one of the magazine icon’s famous friends. Kayla Kayden, 34, partied at the infamous estate more than a decade ago and says she was stunned by what went down there.
“Hugh Hefner would often kick girls out and ask security to remove them if they didn’t agree to any requests,” the blond model alleged. “I remember people dotted all over the mansion having sex wherever – in the pools, lobby, kitchen – you name it, there were people hooking up,” Kayden continued. “I stayed back and watched most of the time, but we were sold on this idea that we’d marry someone rich while being at the Playboy mansion, so many of us held out for this.”
During a trip to Las Vegas with several other models, Kayden claims one of her gal pals refused to perform oral sex on a musician who was friends with Hefner — and paid the price later on.
“She said no, and within seconds, she was thrown out [of the Vegas party],” Kayden alleged. “The band member then complained to Hef that she wasn’t being fun. I recall us all looking at each other and asking what she did, as we were all in shock. “When Hef [later] found out she was back at the Mansion, she was chucked out — and wasn’t allowed to return again,” Kayden continued. “If you didn’t do what you were told, you’d be blacklisted from the whole of Hollywood.”
She added: “Because most of the celebrities were friends with Hugh, he’d soon find out, and if we weren’t ‘servicing’ them or if we had a complaint, it was game over.” At the time Kayden was partying at the Playboy Mansion, she was making money as an online cam girl. She claims a man at the Mansion showed her a “standard Playmate contract,” which allegedly offered $25,000 as a down payment for a two-year modeling contract with the Playboy business.
“He asked if it was something I’d be interested in doing, but it seemed to be more work than I had first realized and a lot of traveling,” the blond alleged. “At the time, I was making $800-$1,000 a day as a cam girl. I also started making my own homemade adult movies on the side, as that was the life for me, so despite it having been my dream when younger [to model for Playboy], I wasn’t interested anymore because I saw so much more money in my other work.” In a statement, the PLBY Group told The Post: “The Hefner family is no longer associated with Playboy, and today’s Playboy is not Hugh Hefner’s Playboy. Today, our organization is run by a workforce that is more than 80% female and we will continue to confront any parts of our legacy that do not reflect our values today, and to build upon the progress we have made as we evolve as a company so we can drive positive change for our employees and our communities.”
These days, Kayden is an OnlyFans model who reportedly rakes in $50,000 a month on the site. And while the beauty was disturbed by some of the alleged antics at the Mansion, she wouldn’t be opposed to working with the Playboy brand in the future, saying it has transformed in the past decade.
“Despite what I’ve seen in the past, there’s been such a dramatic and positive change in recent years – the brand is much more diverse,” she declared.
Kayden is just one of several Playboy Mansion visitors to share her stories. Kate Moss claimed the home had “family vibes” and wasn’t “seedy” when she visited for a photoshoot back in 2013. Meanwhile, previous resident Holly Madison alleged that life in the Mansion was “gross” and that drugs were used to help fuel sex.
“I felt like I was in the cycle of gross things, and I didn’t know what to do,” the pinup proclaimed in the 2021 A&E docuseries “Secrets of Playboy.”
You can follow Kayla Kayden on Twitter at @KaylaKayden.

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