Mindgeek Triumphs Over Digital Piracy Kingpin

In a landmark decision, 2022 witnessed the victory of MG Premium, over the mastermind behind Daftsex and a plethora of other illicit platforms.
MG Premium is one of the corporate entities behind popular websites such as Pornhub and Brazzers.
Despite clinching a whopping $32 million in damages and the green light to commandeer domain names, their triumph was seemingly short-lived. The pirate sites remained operational, leading to the evident flouting of the court's directive. Spanning three tumultuous years, MG Premium left no avenues unexplored in its relentless pursuit against the architects of rampant piracy platforms, notably 'DaftSex.' The first salvo came in the form of MG Premium's colossal DMCA takedown initiative, which aimed to obliterate a staggering 832,000 DaftSex URLs from Google’s radar. Such massive onslaughts veil these rogue sites from public view and prompt Google's intricate algorithms to demote them, making them a whisper in the vast sea of the internet. The summer of 2020 brought further developments, with MG Premium zeroing in on Cloudflare, hoping to unmask the enigmatic entity orchestrating DaftSex. This platform was not just a small blip in the digital universe but was registering traffic in the tens of millions. MG Premium’s mission: to decimate this number to a sheer void. The next pivotal chapter unraveled in Washington's federal court in 2022. MG Premium's legal eagles swooped down on Vasily Kharchenko, believed to be the puppeteer behind an array of sites, including Daftsex.com, Biqle.com, and Daxab.com. But Kharchenko was not one to capitulate without a fight. He evaded the court summons, leading to Judge Benjamin Settle awarding MG Premium a staggering $32,145,000 in reparation in November 2022. Furthermore, a court directive paved the way for the transfer of a suite of domains from Kharchenko's clutches into the waiting arms of MG Premium. While MG Premium managed to redirect several domains swiftly, the elusive DaftSex immediately sprang to new digital territories. Fast forward to December 2022, and MG Premium, not one to be outfoxed, entreated the court to cite Kharchenko for flouting its orders. This included taking dominion over the fresh DaftSex domains and reigning in its Twitter communication channel. March 2023 saw Judge Settle almost run out of patience with Kharchenko, describing MG Premium's evidence against him as "clear and convincing." Ignoring the court's leniency and chances for representation, Kharchenko only deepened his disdain for the judicial process. Judge Settle's ensuing decision was unequivocal: MG Premium would be the rightful custodian of the disputed domains. The decree mandated the transfer of these contentious domains to MG Premium and instructed digital platforms such as Twitter and GitHub to distance themselves from Kharchenko's machinations. While this judicial mandate represents a significant stride for MG Premium, the world watches with bated breath. Will Kharchenko, with his proven guile, find another escape route, or has justice finally caught up with one of the digital world's most elusive figures? Only time will reveal the next chapter in this gripping narrative.

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