Miles Long Inducted Into AAIA Hall of Fame

On May 11th, director/performer Miles Long was inducted into the Australian Adult Industry Awards Hall of Fame, becoming the first non-Australian to receive the honor. Miles wished to share this honor with his many friends, fans and family across the adult entertainment world with his acceptance speech and shared gratitude. I am Truly Humbled to receive this Hall of Fame award from the Australian Adult Industry Awards. I’ve had a super close relationship with my fellow Australian Industry peers for many years, and in fact, when my good friend Angela White first started coming over to the US to shoot her own content, long before she began to work with other companies, I shot all of her scenes for her and we became very close friends. Then, later, after I started to post my weekly Forester Friday picture sets of my Award Winning, Published, and Sponsored Subaru Forester LH Drive STi conversion I had built myself, my very FIRST Forester Friday Picture I ever posted, that started the tradition of posting my car with a Famous girl every Friday, was with her, which I learned from one of the Subaru Facebook groups I am a member of that is based and founded here in Australia. Because of that, our core group of members founded our own Private Subaru Facebook Group“The Subie Society” which has become enormously popular and now has members from all over the world, not just Australia and the US, and we routinely help each other sourcing parts, doing modifications, and sharing all of our hobbies and interests. All of this came from the wellspring of my close relationship with my Aussie friends and this wonderful country of Australia. Receiving a Hall of Fame award is never a solo endeavor, it’s a Team Effort that means that for your entire career, you woke up and went to work and together with all the Talent, Crew, and companies you worked with, worked together every day with everyone giving 110 percent to give their VERY best to make something special each and every day. So I humbly accept this award, not for myself, but on behalf of all the Talent I have worked with, All the CrewI have worked with, the Companies who believed in me and my Vision, and who gave me the creative freedom to do what I love to do and the Fans all over the world who, as it turned out, wanted to look at all the things I have made and have been so passionate about. It has been a privilege and wonderful adventure to work with so many wonderful and hardworking people each and every day and to work for so many incredible Companies who have not only believed in me but also encouraged me. The old adage, “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” is so very true. Who would have thought that when I started this journey 24 years ago, it would have led me down this wonderful journey in life, and all these many years later, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame from the Australian Adult Industry Awards, means so much. This Award now makes five Hall of Fame inductions as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award, so I hope I can impart just how meaningful this moment and this award are to me. In Business, and in Life, there will always be people who will tell you that you cannot do things. Don’t ever listen to them. When someone tells you: “You Can’t Do That.” It doesn’t mean YOU can’t do it, it simply means THEY can’t do it, nothing more. Never limit your dreams to what others will never achieve. If you shoot for the moon, even if you fall short, you will still hit the stars. Thank you again so much to all the Talent and Crew who have worked with me, the Companies who have hired me, the Fans who have watched and enjoyed the content I have made all these years, the Australian Adult Industry Awards who represent what is best in all of us in this industry, my close friends and Hosts tonight Aubrey and Katija as well as my close friends and mentors who have always stood beside me, and encouraged me as I did the same for them. I look forward to next year’s Awards and coming back here to see our Industry come together, help each other, build each other up, and together build our business and each other to even more glorious heights each and every future year. Take a moment after this, and look around you. Anyone you don’t already know, reach out, shake their hand, and introduce yourselves to each other, find your future content collaborators and business partners, and just as you have all been so welcoming to me all these years, do the same to each other. Together we always achieve more.  

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