Meana Wolf Gets “Impulsive” with Her Son’s Hot Friends

Meana Wolf is back and keeping the party rolling with “Impulsive III”, the third episode of’s POV series Impulsive, where Jason’s mom is on the prowl, and none of his buddies are safe! Meana Wolf Gets “Impulsive” with Her Son’s Hot Friends It’s Jason’s backyard birthday bash, but, as usual, all eyes are on Jason’s mom. This busty cougar can’t help but command attention as she shamelessly flirts with her son’s friends, but when this gorgeous MILF takes off her towel and gets in the hot tub wearing that barely-there bikini, all bets are off!
“Welcome to ‘Impulsive III’, my latest POV birthday blowout that throws self-control out the window, and all of the party guests are on my ‘To-Do’ list!” says Meana Wolf of the frisky Older Woman/ Younger Man series that brings all the boys to the yard. “Come follow me on my high-riding adventures… I’ve saved you a front row seat!”
Shot in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD, “Impulsive III” upholds Mrs. Wolf’s tradition of insatiable shenanigans from “Impulsive” and “Impulsive II”. So far her son hasn’t found out… YET, but she’d better be careful; Jason would be so mad if he knew Mom was getting creampies from him… and him… and him… Fans will recognize Meana Wolf from her other movies like 'Let Me Help' and 'Take Me.' You can follow Meana Wolf on Twitter @meanathewolf.

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