May Thai & Rae Lil Black Star in Hentaied ‘Prison Time’

Real-life porn hentai porn site Hentaied inches closer to the #1 tentacle porn source with their latest offering, “Prison Time,” starring Thai adult starlet May Thai and one of the top Asian adult stars in the world, Rae Lil Black. May Thai & Rae Lil Black Star in Hentaied ‘Prison Time’ Directed by Roberto Di Suna, “Prison Time” brings together two of the hottest story elements—women in prison and tentacles. The scene opens with May Thai finding her friend Rae Lil Black locked up. As May puts the key in the prison door and opens it, Rae warns her to go away because there’s a monster. What started as a rescue mission became a nightmare when the door slammed shut, and tentacles appeared out of nowhere. May is dragged inside, and everything goes dark—quickly, the tentacled creature takes off her panties and dress. Both May and Rae shake in fear and hold on to each other; as the alien comes and his tentacles approach them, he fucks them at the same time, going through Rae’s body and into May’s mouth. Covered in jizz, the two have no idea that Round 2 is coming. This time it’s May’s turn to be DPed by the alien. Rae gets her clit stimulated and hand-like tentacles on both breasts and then covered in slime. May Thai & Rae Lil Black Star in Hentaied ‘Prison Time’ Round 3 has May getting anal penetrated and cumflated as the alien fucks Rae’s pussy. Once the alien makes his way through May’s body and out of her mouth, both ladies have him in their mouths as he works his way through Rae. All this ensues in huge loads of alien cum on their faces and slime all over them as they lay on the prison cell floor.
“What other adult scene has this much action in 15 minutes? None of them! Plus, I believe the alien set a slime record for loads of cum. The members can’t get enough of the scene and are impressed with the performances from beginning to end,” says Creator/Producer/Director Romero Mr. Alien.
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