Madison Scott Gives Exclusive to the EmmReport

In an exclusive interview with Emm Report, Madison Scott opens up about her return to the adult industry after taking time off to focus on her family. The former Brazzers contract star and mother of four discusses her new book, "Not My Parents Daughter," which promises to be a best seller upon its release. Madison Scott Gives Exclusive to the EmmReport Scott's journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and she shared details about her struggles with addiction and mental health issues during her time away from the spotlight. She also discussed the challenges of balancing her career with motherhood and the importance of staying true to oneself despite adversity. Emm Report founder Sherman said he was blown away by Scott's candor and honesty during the interview process, noting that she had an uncanny ability to connect with viewers through her words and actions.
"This was probably the most unique interview I've done in 30 years of doing this," Sherman explained. "From the first question to literally the last one, her story is humbling and inspiring."
Emm Report has released a 50-page magazine version of the interview, which can be downloaded for free on their website. Additionally, they have published a piece on their website and uploaded a video to their YouTube channel titled "Madison Scott Returns to Adult Entertainment." Be sure to follow the Emm Report on Twitter (X) at @emmreport and Madison Scott at @xomadisonscott.  

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