LoyalFans.com, Lily Lou Announce 3rd Master Class Event

LoyalFans.com is pleased to announce the third event in the current sequence in its ongoing “LoyalFans' Creator Master Class Series.” The current 3-part sequence is being led by the one and only Lily Lou. The upcoming event – the third and final in Lily Lou’s three-part sequence – is titled “Content Trade: The Good, The Bad & The Hell No.” This educational live webinar event will happen on Saturday, June 17th at 2 pm ET. LoyalFans.com, Lily Lou Announce 3rd Master Class Event Register for “LoyalFans’ Creator Master Class Series, with Lily Lou” via Calendly right here: calendly.com/loyalfans
Content trade and collabs between creators are standard fares in today’s adult industry, but “unfortunately you can’t trust everyone to be polite, empathetic, a good performer, or have the skills and audience to market the content you made together,” Lily Lou explained. “During this LoyalFans Master Class event, I’ll be sharing my own experiences and providing essential information on how to prevent and mitigate negative situations involving content trade,” she continued. “There will be people out there who will actively try to sabotage your success, reputation, or even your own health and wellbeing the second they feel upset or jealous for any reason,” Lily Lou shared. “That reason could be as normal as setting healthy boundaries or a simple disagreement. Of course, the best method is to prevent getting involved in the first place, but not everyone is how they seem online.”
During Lily Lou’s third LoyalFans Master Class event, creators will learn how to pick a good match for a collab/trade shoot (for success, as well as for safety) and how to prevent collaborators from using content in an unintended/unagreed upon manner (and what to do if unintended use happens), as well as figuring out if collabs are right for you in the first place.
“I hope with this class I can help my fellow creators either feel more confident about interacting and collaborating with others or encourage their decision to stay as a solo creator!” Lily Lou said.
Register for “Content Trade: The Good, The Bad & The Hell No,” as well as for all other educational professionalization events provided by LoyalFans, via Calendly at calendly.com/loyalfans. LoyalFans.com, Lily Lou Announce 3rd Master Class Event In today’s online adult industry, it’s not content that creators are struggling with. It’s managing and maintaining the half-dozen websites a full-time model typically has. LoyalFans combines the functionality of all the standard adult income streams, with thoughtful and streamlined automation features that make running it easy. Creators who attend LoyalFans’ Master Class courses will learn how to leverage the platform effectively and creatively, while also receiving coaching from iconic creators and savvy business leaders in today’s adult industry. Past Master Class series leaders include the iconic Larkin Love and Twitch streamer Amouranth. LoyalFans’ LIVE Master Class events are for LoyalFans creators only. Sign up for “LoyalFans’ Creator Master Class Series” featuring Lily Lou today at calendly.com/loyalfans. Recordings of all previously-held Master Class series events are available in creators’ LoyalFans account dashboards. You can follow Lily Lou on Twitter @lilylouofficial. You can follow LoyalFans on Twitter @realloyalfans.

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