Lola Bellucci is a Sexual Healer in ‘Life Coach’

Dorcel announced the release of their latest movie, Life Coach. Starring Lola Bellucci and featuring Dorcel Brand Ambassador Clara Mia, this all-new feature co-star Tiffany Leiddi and Nelly Kent, the January 2023 Miss Fleshbot International. Directed by AVN & XBIZ award-winning performer/filmmaker Anna Polina (who also performs in a girl/girl scene with Eve Sweet), Life Coach is now available. Lola Bellucci is a Sexual Healer in 'Life Coach' As Polina's film begins, audiences are introduced to Lola, a tall, Amazonian woman with piercing eyes and long, dark hair. She's a well-spoken sexual wellness guru for the influencer generation and a self-described "social catalyst" whose posts enjoy a large and dedicated following on social media. The presentations are well-made, thought-provoking, and very binge-worthy. Her fans revere her and maintain that she is the best thing that ever happened to them. Yet while Lola has a huge following, and her followers are very passionate about her, she struggles when trying to apply her controversial methods to her personal life. Her marriage is on the rocks, and, above all, she has a very bad relationship with Clara, her husband's daughter, from an earlier marriage. For her part, Clara is unfulfilled in her monotonous life. The only thing that gives her pleasure is her secret life as a webcam girl. She loves to show off and get her thrills while waiting to get as far away from her father's new wife as possible. The stage is set for an intricate couples drama that also features appearances from Ricky Mancini, James Duval, Tony Carrera, and Mike Hilton, who pair off with the ladies for six well-shot couplings.
“Anna Polina does a very fine job writing, directing, and co-starring in this feature, proving her 2021 filmmaking debut Second Chance, as powerful as it may have been, was just a taste of things to come," said Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel's U.S. Publicist. "And while she gave herself a non-sex role in the earlier film, she returns to girl/girl performing here in a fantasy sequence with Eve Sweet. As a storyteller, Anna keeps the subplots distinct by weaving them into a montage highlighting each couple's sexual progress as they put Lola's life coaching and advice to the test."
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