Lily Lane VS London River on Evolved Fights Lez

All-girl wrestling site Evolved Fights Lez has a battle of the big-breasted adult stars going on in two installments—the actual fight and the Orgasm Challenge. Lily Lane VS London River on Evolved Fights Lily Lane (aka Lightspeed) has made her Evolved Fights Lez debut, although she’s had three matches on mixed wrestling sister site Evolved Fights. And London River (aka The Spider) is back for her eighth fight. Both MILFs are in it to win it—London is more statuesque, but Lily has speed working in her favor. The ladies go tit to tit. One wrestler is not letting the other make a move, and when Round 3 begins, it looks like there’s a clear winner. But Round 3 also features orgasms on the mat, and the underdog could have a comeback. The loser has to take the winner’s strap-on cock without complaint and gets put in her place. Watch the 43-minute scene and view over 90 photos at
“London has taken on some of the biggest adult stars like Penny Barber, Kay Carter, Rocky Emerson, and Charlotte Sartre over the past four years and won six of her eight matches. But Lily is definitely giving her a run for her money with her scrappy quick moves. These two gladiators are incredible to watch,” says site owner and referee Ariel X.
Lily Lane VS London River on Evolved Fights This week is Lily and London’s Orgasm Challenge, which means open season for inflicting orgasms on each other. With orgasms being the name of the game, Lily could take this challenge and walk away a winner. The Orgasm Challenge only lasts 10 minutes, and whoever gets the most orgasms is the loser. After being so aroused in their original match, both ladies have built up a lot of sexual tension, but both need to control their urges to win this one. Check out the Orgasm Challenge at

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