Lianne Young is on Adult Site Broker Talk

Former performer and alleged Ron Jeremy sexual assault victim Lianne Young is this week’s guest on the 150th episode of Adult Site Broker Talk. Lianne Young is on Adult Site Broker Talk Lianne Young is a leading UK relationship, sex, and adult entertainment adviser. In 2002, she began appearing on mainstream shows like "The Jeremy Kyle show," "The Trisha Goddard show," "How to Have Sex After Marriage," and others as a sex and relationship advisor and porn industry expert. She also covers adult events including AVN, XBIZ, the Prowler Awards, and other lifestyle and business events. After being recruited from England, Lianne had a successful US adult performance career. She was known as the UK Porn Queen. Ron Jeremy allegedly attacked her during a West Hollywood nightclub party in 2000. One of 20 women who accused Jeremy of rape and sexual assault, she surrendered her anonymity. The LAPD requested she testify before a grand jury in the US. Lianne became a sexual violence counselor, working with sex workers globally, after her ordeal.
"This was a fascinating and very emotional conversation," stated show host and Adult Site Broker CEO Bruce. “Lianne discussed the attack and other topics.”
You can listen to Lianne Young on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at You can follow Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker Talk on Twitter at @ASB_Bruce.

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