Lexi Luna Featured in Cosmopolitan

Not only is Lexi Luna in high demand as a performer, but she has also been in high demand for mainstream interviews. This week, Lexi was interviewed about her sex doll for the online version of the popular publication, Cosmopolitan. Lexi Luna Featured at Cosmopolitan.com Lexi’s interview, “Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Make Yourself Into a Sex Doll?” goes into detail about how she created her best-selling sex doll. Lexi made the career switch to the adult industry in 2016 and was approached by Sex Doll Canada to create her sex doll in 2020 during the pandemic. At first, Lexi was skeptical that anyone would buy her doll, but she felt the opportunity was too good to pass up. The process of making her doll was tedious but worth it all in the end. With endless photos of every inch of her body, Lexi felt somewhat vulnerable, but those photos paid off. Lexi was shocked at how detailed her doll was, with each feature captured from her nose bump to moles on her body. This empowered Lexi and the feedback from her fans was phenomenal. Lexi also drops some hints about her first feature Lexi Luna Featured at Cosmopolitan.com
“I want to thank Cosmopolitan for reaching out to me for this interview,” Lexi said. “I am always happy to speak about how much my sex doll means to me and the support I’ve received from my fans that have purchased and enjoyed my doll.”
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