Leana Lovings and More Shine in Hot New TeamSkeet Scenes

TeamSkeet launches 6 fresh new scenes this week. This spicy collection features leading female performers, including Bianca Bangs, Ryan Reid, Leana Lovings, and many more. These scenes offer an exciting exploration of sexual fantasies that will keep viewers edging for more! Leana Lovings and More Shine in Hot New TeamSkeet Scenes Monsters beware! The “Mighty Power Pussy Smashers” serve some horny justice in a new BFFS scene. Bianca Bangs, Khloe Kingsley, Laney Grey, and Elias Cash are a band of sexy crime-fighting superheros. During a battle with their strongest enemy, the girls are left to fend for themselves as the black ranger (Elias) is nowhere to be found when they need him. When the girls confront him after losing the battle, Elias apologizes for falling asleep and not being able to help with the fight. The girls won’t accept his apology until he helps them recharge their powers– with sex! Family Strokes showcases an interesting family dynamic between Kay Lovely and her stepbrother (Tyler Cruise) in a new scene titled “Close Together.” Tyler brings his new girlfriend (Kendra Sunderland) over to his house to introduce her to his family. He introduces her to his stepsister Kay first, but Kendra quickly realizes that the two have a very close relationship with each other. Tyler has the ability to use Kay’s body whenever he wants, having sex with her whenever and wherever. Kay warmly welcomes Kendra to the family by including her in their sexy dynamic. Kriss Kiss would rather spend time with her stepbrother (Rico Hugi) than her boyfriend in a new Sis Loves Me episode, “Who Needs a Boyfriend Anyway?” Kriss and her boyfriend have been getting into a lot of arguments lately. He feels that Kriss spends way too much time with her stepbrother. His intuition may not be totally off since Kriss later gives Rico a blowjob in their living room! Shoplyfter drops security camera video of “Case No. 7906263 - Bra Stuffer Gets Stuffed.” Ryan Reid is sick of getting picked on for her small breasts at school, so she decides to steal some socks from the store so she can use them to stuff her bra. Security officer Mike Mancini catches her and brings her back to the security office for more questioning. Eventually, Mike conducts a full cavity search on Ryan to make sure she hasn’t stolen anything else. Ryan tries to talk her way out of it, but she soon realizes that the only way out of this is to give officer Mike what he wants from her– some good old nasty sex! Leana Lovings and Madison Morgan get a sexy training session from Coach Max Fills in an all new FreeUse Fantasy episode, “Stay In the Game.” Coach Fills is training Leana and Madison to become top football players. He’s well known for using unorthodox techniques as a way to get the best results, some prep talk and freeusing the girls’ hot bodies of course. Little Asians features Avery Black showing her stepsis (Kimmy Kimm) how to give her boyfriend (Lucky Fate) a proper blowjob in “Everyone Blows.” Kimmy is happy that Lucky chose her to be his girlfriend instead of her stepsister Avery. But, when it comes to intimacy, Kimmy isn’t as experienced. She wants to give Lucky a blowjob but isn’t sure how to do it. Avery takes advantage of this and decides to give Lucky what he’s been craving. When Kimmy catches them, Avery uses this as a way to teach Kimmy just how it’s done. Visit TeamSkeet.com and follow them on Twitter/X @teamskeet!

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