Laney Grey Plans Perfect Caper in New TeamSkeet Scene

True California Girl Laney Grey is a fan and studio favorite with dirty blonde hair, piercing green eyes, a petite physique, bubble booty, and a sweet and innocent look. And in her latest TeamSkeet scene, she plays a babysitter who plans a teddy bear caper to get her sister the perfect birthday gift. Laney Grey Plans Perfect Caper in New TeamSkeet Scene Laney Grey’s newest scene is for TeamSkeet’s My Babysitters Club series, and it’s available on their flagship site. In “Sticky Finger Babysitter,” Laney picks up a babysitting gig from Celtic Iron. She’s hoping to make some extra money to buy her younger sister a birthday present. When Laney looks around, she sees his daughter has many toys and assumes he won’t notice one or two missing toys. Laney cleans the house, watches his daughter, takes two teddy bears, and puts them in her backpack. After Celtic comes home, he pays her extra for cleaning up. But things go awry—he catches her with the stuffed toys in her backpack when she puts the cash inside, and he threatens to call the police. Laney begs him not to. Celtic allows her to make things right to keep the toys, the money, and her job. And that means Laney’s going to have to service him, and, in the end, she ends up being the sticky finger babysitter in more ways than one.
“I really liked this scene because I got to play a fun character, and Celtic was a lot of fun to work with. I enjoyed his Irish accent and wacky sense of humor. I hope my fans and the Team Skeet members enjoy this scene,” says Laney Grey.
You can watch the full scene now at the official TeamSkeet website.
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