King Dwarf Named ‘Cybersocket Stud’ for July

Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket is excited to announce that King Dwarf has been selected as Cybersocket Stud for July 2023! Each month throughout the year, Fleshbot will select and feature a hot and talented adult performer or content creator as our 'Cybersocket Stud.' King Dwarf Named 'Cybersocket Stud' for July
The well-endowed New Jersey native, King Dwarf, is a contestant on this season of Go Go for the Gold, as well as a leading content creator for OnlyFans. Fleshbot’s Aj Sloan says, “King is the go-go ho everyone wants to know, and for good reason. When he's not making cream-worthy content for his Fans’ pages, he can be found shaking and dangling all of his inches on go-go boxes across SoCal.” King Dwarf says, “It’s an absolute honor to be getting the crown from the longest-running porn blog. Recognition in this industry is hard, there are so many talented performers, but this feels well-deserved.”
Fleshbot has featured King Dwarf throughout the month. So be sure and tune in for more great insights into Cybersocket Stud July 2023! Read more about "Cybersocket Stud" here. To celebrate King Dwarf as the Cybersocket Stud of the month, you can follow him on Twitter at @kingdwarfnyc, and to keep up with all the fun happenings at Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket, make sure to follow Fleshbot on Twitter @FleshbotGay.

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