Kevin Stoltz of Eroticism Magazine on Adult Site Broker Talk

Kevin Stoltz has been hooked on beautiful women ever since he lost his virginity at the tender age of 16. Kevin Stoltz of Eroticism Magazine on Adult Site Broker Talk Since he was a young man, photography, movies, and pussy have been his main interests. A camera that had been left to him by his grandfather was something he always had with him. When he was 17, he made his first sale of a photograph.  He attended New York's "Center for Media Studies" on a film scholarship. Soon after, he moved to Manhattan, where he launched Studio34 on West 30th Street. He had an early fascination with nude photography and became close with the local working girls. He was able to perform some filming in Brazil in the mid-1980s. After that, he traveled to Sao Paulo to party with the beautiful Brazilian women there. Kevin's career as a photographer spans 42 years. Rolling Stone, Travel + Leisure, and other periodicals have published his photos. In the year 2000, he got his start in the adult industry when he was called by Chilly Willy's, a men's strip club, to redesign their website. He filmed and photographed the girls dancing to use on their website. As a result, he met a lot of girls who worked as escorts and strippers. He had escorts from all over Latin America come to him for photo sessions to be featured on the many new escort websites. When the time was right, he launched a digital magazine. "Erotico Mexico" which was first in Google. He started publishing "Eroticism Magazine" in 2010. He suffered a stroke on or around his birthday in 2019 and a heart attack on Christmas Eve. He just released a non-explicit magazine called Erotique. Kevin, The Erotic Photographer, also hosts The Eroticism Podcast. A Netflix documentary featuring him explores the issue of sex trafficking in Latin America. At a time when prostitution and sex trafficking in Latin America are hot topics, he has been featured in Esquire, GQ, and VICE for his work with the magazine and with sex workers.
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