Kenzie Taylor as AVN’s Cover Star for September

Kenzie Taylor, the newly unveiled September 2023 AVN cover star and renowned adult superstar, is expressing an attitude of gratitude. Kenzie Taylor is seizing the opportunity presented by her latest magazine cover and interview to not only reminisce about her past achievements but also extend heartfelt appreciation to the individuals who have played a pivotal role in her remarkable journey. Kenzie Taylor as AVN's Cover Star for September
“Thank you so much AVN,” Taylor said. “What an immense accomplishment for me to be in AVN magazine. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for this honor. Throughout my entire career, I’ve overcome many obstacles to get where I am. Today, I sit here as a performer, director, producer, production manager, podcaster, and business owner. Those are things I would never be able to have the privilege to do if it wasn’t for my sobriety, perseverance, and the support from my husband Seth Gamble, family, friends, and team. I would say that the things that contribute to anything good I have in my life is the fact that I am continuously willing.” Of the extensive interview at the heart of the September magazine (an extended version of which can be read here), she observed. “It meant so much to have AVN’s Dan Miller take time out of his day to sit down with me and talk about my entire career. I have discussed things that I’ve never shared before! We really talked about everything. It was incredibly liberating to share my entire story. Thank you so much, Dan, for all that you do!”
Continuing in the spirit of gratitude, she continued:
“My husband Seth Gamble, I couldn’t do any of this without you and I wouldn’t want to. You are the best partner in life I could ever ask for. You constantly inspire me to want to do more and be better. Together, we were at the very bottom and we pulled ourselves up together. My best friend, fellow performer, and co-host of the Sauce Podcast Sarah Taylor is my biggest cheerleader. I’ve never had a friend in my entire life that genuinely cares so much and has my back always. She’s really special to me. Mark and George, I’m in awe of your skill, effort, and commitment to your Spiegler Girls. Hardworking is an understatement. It’s an honor to be a Spiegler Girl. Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you AVN!” An industry veteran and journalist with over 28 years of experience, AVN Media Network Editor-In-Chief added, “Kenzie Taylor has become a force in our industry in recent years. She’s leading in many ways—such as her efforts as an entrepreneur in the sexual wellness space and with her willingness to discuss important topics such as mental health.” Turning to their career-spanning interview he added, “We loved how candid she was in our story and it’s our honor to share her journey along with an incredible photoset from the talented Siren Obscura. We think what Kenzie has achieved so far is nothing short of inspiring and we’re thrilled to celebrate her success in our September issue.”
You can follow Kenzie Taylor on X @thekenzietaylor. You can follow AVN Magazine on X @AVNMagazine.

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