Kasey Kei is “Nude to the Neighborhood” with Siri Dahl

Adult Time studio Transfixed welcomes back Brand Ambassador Siri Dahl in her newest scene for the studio, “Nude to the Neighborhood,” co-starring Kasey Kei. Kasey Kei is “Nude to the Neighborhood” with Siri Dahl
Siri can’t seem to take her eyes off the stunning Ms. Kei when she moves in next door and comes out to greet her FULLY NUDE. Siri drops her beautifully prepared welcome basket, shocked at the jaw-dropping public scene before her. “I’m so sorry, I’m a nudist! My old neighbors knew, and now I’m in this new neighborhood, and, yeah, I didn’t even think about it,” explains Kasey as she gives Siri a tour of her new home. “You might actually like the nudity,” as Siri joins her in stripping down to her birthday suit. “Isn’t it freeing? Isn’t it so nice?” Siri smiles as she begins to relax around Kasey. “I think you’re changing my life already…” Of the new scene, Dahl raved, "Moving is so stressful, but imagine how much better it would be if you had a super nice, hot neighbor who wanted to welcome you and make sure you're comfortable! I get to be that nice neighbor to Kasey Kei. I give her a basket of fruit, and she gives me multiple orgasms, and everybody's happy!"
Find “Nude to the Neighborhood” HERE.

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