Jennifer White Is Sexually Awakened in MYLF’s ‘Empty Nest’

MYLF is thrilled to unveil its latest feature movie, “Empty Nest.” MYLF of the Month, Jennifer White, is taken on a journey of self-discovery, sexual awakenings, and passionate encounters. Jennifer White Is Sexually Awakened in MYLF’s ‘Empty Nest’ In the BBCParadise premiere scene, “Empty Nest - Part 1," follows Jennifer going on an unexpected summer journey. She's lost her prestigious executive position, her marriage is ending, and her stepson, Victor Ray, is about to venture into the world of college. As her life seems to be spiraling out of control, a great opportunity presents itself: an invitation to accompany Victor and his friends on a cross-country road trip to assist them in settling into their university lives. Soon enough, Jennifer hits the road with Victor and his friend (Diego Perez). But her steamy journey of self-exploration has only just begun! Their first road trip stop is at Lil D’s house, a friend of Victor’s who he plays video games with. Lil D is a young, rich, and handsome streamer who shows Jennifer how to relax in the sexiest way possible. Stay tuned for Part 2, premiering on September 20 on!

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