Jennifer White Explores Sexual Liberation in MYLF’s ‘Empty Nest’

MYLF presents the continuation of “Empty Nest”, starring MYLF of the Month Jennifer White. The story follows Jennifer as she embarks on a cross-country road trip with her stepson (Victor Ray) and his friend (Diego Perez) as they all try to find themselves both spiritually and sexually. Jennifer White Explores Sexual Liberation in MYLF’s ‘Empty Nest’ In this new Bad Milfs scene, "Empty Nest - Part 2,"  the gang has reached their second road trip stop, arriving at the doorstep of Mandy Rhea, Diego’s stepmother, a serene and free-spirited nudist who lives life to the fullest without caring what others think. Mandy takes it upon herself to teach Jennifer the ways of living a life without restraints. As Victor and Diego embrace Mandy's liberating lifestyle, Jennifer starts feeling out of place. Mandy, Victor, and Diego decide to help Jennifer get more comfortable with herself with a hot, intimate moment between the four of them that leads to a sexual experience Jennifer will never forget! Stay tuned for Part 3 of “Empty Nest” premiering September 24 only on! Make sure to check out Jennifer White in "Empty Nest - Part 2" HERE.

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