Izzy Wilde Introduces 2 New TransAngels Scenes

Izzy Wilde is offering up two stellar new scenes from TransAngels this month with the release of “Live Creaming” and “Cuntry Girls Do It Better” - available exclusively at TransAngels.com. Izzy Wilde Introduces 2 New TransAngels Scenes “Live Creaming” spotlights Izzy Wilde as an intense gamer in the middle of a high-stakes session who is distracted by her gorgeous girlfriend (Aften Opal) with a teasing come-on. Unable to resist her lady’s obvious intentions, Wilde ditches the headset and controls and it’s GAME ON! “Cuntry Girls Do It Better” finds Wilde in a sexy getup of a short denim skirt, cowboy boots, and hat for a fantastic fling with handsome shop assistant Dante Colle - who is instantly smitten with the flirtatious blonde shopping in his store.
“I’m excited to unveil my two latest featurettes for TransAngels, which is without a doubt one of my favorite studios to shoot for,” said Wilde of her showcase performances. “Aften Opal and Dante Colle were a joy to work with and helped make the performances in both scenes absolutely awe-inspiring!”

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