Industry Veteran Vince Charlton Joins FSC as Age Verification Policy Liaison, Paving the Way for Proactive Engagement

In a significant move to enhance industry advocacy and proactive engagement, UK-based industry veteran Vince Charlton will be joining Free Speech Coalition (FSC) as the organization's Age Verification Policy Liaison. With a special focus on the UK and Europe, Charlton will play a crucial role in establishing stronger connections with legislators and regulators. Industry Veteran Vince Charlton Joins FSC as Age Verification Policy Liaison, Paving the Way for Proactive Engagement Recognizing the need to be involved in the rulemaking process right from the beginning, Alison Boden, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition, emphasizes the importance of engaging with lawmakers beyond legal battles. Boden expresses gratitude for Charlton's extensive connections and experience, which will enable FSC to gain access to influential decision-making forums. With Charlton on board, the organization is eager to tackle upcoming challenges head-on. Vince Charlton's reputation precedes him, particularly for his management roles with the renowned UK-based platform, Throughout his career, Charlton has consistently prioritized child protection and trafficking issues. His involvement in the age-verification debate surrounding the Digital Economy Act, through pro-bono work with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), further showcases his commitment to safeguarding vulnerable individuals. Having retired from in September, Charlton felt compelled to give back to the industry through pro bono work. While he staunchly supports efforts to prevent underage access to adult content, Charlton equally believes in safeguarding the industry's right to free speech. With his new role at FSC, Charlton aims to secure a seat at the UK policy-making table, where the industry can assert its voice. He seeks to counter disingenuous attacks on the industry while fostering collaboration to address the genuine concern of underage access. Vince Charlton's appointment as the Age Verification Policy Liaison at Free Speech Coalition marks a pivotal moment in the organization's commitment to proactive engagement and industry advocacy. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly propel the organization forward, establishing a stronger presence within policy-making circles and paving the way for meaningful collaboration.

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