Indulge In Taboo Desires: MYLF’s New Parody “We’re The Taylors”

MYLF announced the release of its highly anticipated new movie, "We're The Taylors." This parody film based on the popular 2013 film, "We're the Millers," is formatted similarly to previous MYLF features and is divided into three parts across three of the network’s most popular series (Bad Milfs, Milfty, and GotMylf). The movie stars the talented and charismatic Kenzie Taylor, the esteemed July MYLF of the Month, in a role that will leave viewers wanting to see more! Indulge In Taboo Desires: MYLF's New Parody “We’re The Taylors” In Bad Milfs’ “We’re the Taylors Part 1: Time for a Getaway,” Kenzie finds herself amid an incredibly stressful month. With her directorial project falling apart due to a writer's strike, her stepchildren Gal Ritchie and Elias Cash driving her up the wall with their constant fighting and a general feeling of impending chaos, Kenzie is on the verge of a meltdown. Her caring husband, Chad Alva, proposes a spontaneous vacation to visit Kenzie's quirky and eccentric sister, Barb, who lives a few states away. But when Kenzie Taylor goes to tell her kids about the trip, Gal and Elias expose that they know she is not only a film director but also secretly directs porn! Unraveling hidden desires of sensuality between them all. Kenzie sees this as an opportunity to bond with her stepkids and spends some alone time with both of them. However, Kenzie is unaware of the horny Pandora's box she opened as the young Taylors now want to draw inspiration from their mom’s porno creations. Part 2 of “We’re The Taylors” will be released July 21. Join today and save 80% off your subscription!

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