Holly Jane on OnlyFans and Mormon Excommunication

Top OnlyFans creator Holly Jane is opening up about her faith as a devout Mormon, particularly after her abrupt excommunication from the LDS church, in a revealing first-person story for Newsweek. Holly Jane on OnlyFans and Mormon Excommunication
“I liked the way the service was conducted at my Mormon church; I liked the family feel. I liked that it was more than just Sunday service - it was a lifestyle and helpful for my children,” the model mom tells Associate Editor Carine Harb for the magazine’s ‘My Turn’ section. “When my husband passed away in 2017, the church was very involved in my life. If there's something going on, they want to know, and do everything they can to help. I'm grateful for that,” says Jane, who detailed her controversial journey of becoming an OnlyFans creator in a 2022 Newsweek story, “I’m a Mormon Mom of Four Who Became a Nude Model." But after discovering her new career, Jane’s bishop knocked on her door: “He came to my house and confronted me. I didn't lie to him. There was a lot of smiling and nodding that I did because I wanted him to leave as soon as possible. But some of the questions that he asked and things that he said shocked me. He told me that I had to make a decision as to whether or not I was going to be a member of the church or if I was going to continue creating adult content. “I told him that I planned on continuing to attend because I liked my church… and started showing up right as the church service was starting… I avoided my bishop for several months, but he tried very hard to contact me… shortly after, I received a letter of excommunication from the church… although the letter didn't explicitly say that I had to leave the church, I felt that they made it so uncomfortable for me to stay, to the point where I thought: Why would I want to stay if I can't partake in anything? “Currently, I've moved with my kids, and I'm trying to get them settled into school across the country… I may challenge the church's decision to excommunicate me, which I'm really considering… I don't want to embarrass my kids. They are asking me when they'd be able to meet new people. They do have some friends at school, but they like attending church. That's all they know. “I often think, if I were a man caught watching porn, would I receive the same consequences and be excommunicated from the church? I'm not just a content creator, I'm a mother.”
To read Holly Jane’s ‘My Turn’ profile, “I’m a Mormon on OnlyFans”, visit Newsweek.com. You can see more of Holly on her Onlyfans HERE. You can follow Holly Jane on X @hollyjane469. You can follow Newsweek on X @Newsweek.

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