Guido Named ‘Cybersocket Stud’ for April

Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket is excited to announce that Guido has been selected as Cybersocket Stud for April 2023! Each month throughout the year, Fleshbot will select and feature a hot and talented adult performer or content creator as our 'Cybersocket Stud.' Guido Named 'Cybersocket Stud' for April Though relatively new on the scene, Guido has already made a splash with his Italian studliness. Becoming quickly recognizable by those meaty cheeks and Italian meatballs, his Fans content is fire. He films in just about every kind of scenario you can imagine and with all your favorite content creators. He made his big studio debut this year with Next Door Studios and Active Duty. Fleshbot first discovered Guido at Strut Nightclub in Orange County, CA...he was on the go-go box and we couldn't take our eyes off of those buns.  Throughout the month, Fleshbot will be featuring Guido including an exclusive interview and scene reviews. So be sure and tune in for more great insights into Cybersocket Stud April 2023 like our fun Q & A with Guido! has been the web’s favorite source for news and reviews from the world of adult entertainment since 2003. Over the past decade, it has become the one-stop spot for the discerning adult content enthusiast and has been profiled in such publications as Wired and The New Yorker. covers both the straight, gay, and trans markets, making the content-based blog a truly unique leader in its realm.  Read more about "Cybersocket Stud" here. To celebrate Guido as the Cybersocket Stud of the month, you can follow him on Twitter at @goldguido, and to keep up with all the fun happenings at Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket make sure to follow Fleshbot on Twitter @FleshbotGay.

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