GoAskAlex Targets ‘Beige Rainbow’ of Ostomy Products

GoAskAlex is blasting ostomy supply manufacturers for lack of diversity among its product offerings in a new YouTube video, “WHY are all Ostomy Products SO Ugly!?” [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP8dgjHKm7c [/embedyt]
The popular Canadian adult model, content creator, and disability rights advocate opens up about people with disabilities’ frustrations with ostomy bags’ limited options for its clientele: “Imagine your skin color is anything other than white and these are the choices you have to choose from: life-support grey… public bathroom beige, or if we’re feeling really saucy, we could go for spray-tan orange. Not only is this beige rainbow vaguely racist - I mean, realistically it’s not vaguely, it’s just racist - these light colors are also transparent when wet!” Alex notes that every ostomate she has spoken to has voiced their dismay in similar fashion: “We want more options! And yet companies such as Coloplast, B. Braun and Hollister continue to limit their products. When will ostomates of ALL colours be represented? And for the love of all things holy, WHEN will one of these companies create a product that isn't transparent?”
She maintains the hope that health care solution businesses evolve to support its customers’ needs beyond the basics. “It's time that companies manufacturing ostomy supplies - and all medical supplies - realize that consumers of these products are not all light skinned! Ostomates everywhere are demanding more diverse product lines with colour options outside of the stereotypical ‘Band-Aid’ colour. “Defaulting to a standard 'light peach' colour is not only an outdated practice, but also a representation of racial discrimination. Additionally, the fact that the vast majority of ostomy supplies are transparent when wet is a massive oversight - and quite frankly, it's insulting. Please do better.”
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