GoAskAlex Praises the Power Body Positivity

GoAskAlex is laying bare the transformative power of creative erotic expression with her latest blog post on GoAskAlexOnline.com, “How Making Porn Improved My Relationship to my Body”. GoAskAlex Praises the Power Body Positivity
The Canadian adult content creator, model and film star explains, “As a porn performer, I have had the unique opportunity to explore my own relationship with my body in a way that has been transformative and empowering. At first, the idea of performing nude in front of strangers seemed daunting, but as I delved into this world, I found that it allowed me to see my body in a completely different light…”
GoAskAlex, an outspoken advocate for underrepresented bodies in adult entertainment since undergoing a total abdominal colectomy in 2019 - she is currently the industry’s only ostomate that wears a permanent medical device onscreen - says that even before her surgery, she struggled at first with exposing her body on camera.
“It’s one thing to try to cover up your perceived flaws with clothing, but being naked takes away that option. At first, this was scary, but I quickly found that the more I performed, the more comfortable I became with my body. I learned to appreciate the imperfections that make up my unique form, and to see the beauty in my perceived flaws. “Perhaps most importantly, working as a porn performer has helped me to see my body as a tool for artistic expression. It’s not just about how it looks, but about how it can be used to create something beautiful. It has helped me to shift my focus away from societal beauty standards and towards what my body is capable of.” While she acknowledges that sex work isn’t for everyone, she says she is grateful for the positive impact that her career has made on her life. “For me, it has been a powerful tool for improving my relationship with myself and my body. It’s taught me to see myself in a new light, to appreciate my own unique beauty, and to be present in the moment.”
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