GoAskAlex Invites Fans to Kick Back, Relax and Enjoy “The Show”

GoAskAlex is treating fans to a front-row seat at “The Show,” an unbridled exploration of carnal desire with a lucky stranger after two lonely years of lockdowns.
“It’s the first night out in a while… the world has changed, but our desire for human contact and sexual freedom will never stop,” Alex’s narrative of the scene begins. “I wasn't planning on taking you home tonight but... here we are…”
The nearly 14-minute video clip was originally shot during the COVID-19 pandemic as an exclusive custom content request - Alex accepts custom video applications on her OnlyFans page, with prices ranging from $200 to $600 - and now she’s making “The Show” available free to her OnlyFans (@onlyfans.com/goaskalex). “So many of the custom requests I receive from fans are also some of the most interesting and creative,” said Alex, “and ‘The Show’ is about the excitement of meeting someone new, indulging in a sexy strip tease for them and creating incredible memories about that wild night you took me home from the bar.” GoAskAlex is an adult model, onscreen performer, and sex educator with the distinction of being the industry’s first-ever ostomate since receiving a life-changing surgery in 2019, diverting her small intestine out through her abdomen, necessitating the need to wear a permanent medical device. Follow GoAskAlex on Twitter at @goaskalexonline.  

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