GoAskAlex Guests on New Canadian Series, That Sex Show

GoAskAlex, a popular 18+ performer, sex educator, and outspoken industry advocate for the representation of disabled bodies in adult film, is set to appear as a featured guest on the May 17th episode of That Sex Show.

The flame-haired Canadian entertainer, entrepreneur, and filmmaker will join host Rachele Manett for an enlightening discussion about her daily life as the adult industry’s first-ever ostomate - and her relationship with her body and sexuality after undergoing a total abdominal colectomy surgery for her ulcerative colitis.
“I am so excited for the opportunity to openly talk about my ostomy and my experiences working as an entertainer with a visible medical device, which is not often seen, discoursed or represented in adult film,” said Alex of her That Sex Show interview. “In fact, the vast majority of bodies aren’t often given a platform in an industry that seeks to showcase a narrow presentation of what they believe viewers find appealing… but that narrative is slowly beginning to change.”
Alex also notes that mainstream series such as That Sex Show are important platforms that serve as high-profile catalysts in bringing about such a change. “I’m so grateful that media is shining a light on the sex lives - and misconceptions about people with disabilities having sex. With more knowledge and understanding, there is more acceptance and compassion, and more visibility and representation in both adult and mainstream media.” The Sex Show, produced by Ocean Entertainment Ltd., airs Wednesdays at 8:00 pm (ET) on AMI-TV in Canada, with episodes available online via AMI.ca.  

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