GoAskAlex Announces Partnership with Lorals

GoAskAlex is teaming up with Lorals (mylorals.com) single-use latex bikini-style undergarments to promote safe oral play between partners. GoAskAlex Announces Partnership with Lorals The vanilla-scented underwear, a comfortable, easy-to-use alternative to dental dams, protects against STIs during oral sex by safely blocking the transmission of bodily fluids, harmful pathogens and infections, is ultra-lightweight and stretchy, made of natural rubber latex at .08mm thin, which feels like a second skin for a full sensation experience. To promote her involvement in the U.S. company’s affiliate program, Alex has just dropped a new introductory video, “We Tried Lorals for the First Time”, on her official ManyVids and OnlyFans pages alongside co-star @ElizabtxthFields, which is available on her OnlyFans platform as well. Fans can also find Alex’s FREE extended trailer/teaser, launching May 10 on the star’s ManyVids, OnlyFans, and Pornhub model pages.
"I've been waiting to try them and they're finally here! I tried on a pair of Lorals’ transparent latex panties, and ElizabxthFields decided to give them a taste while they were on me,” enthused Alex. “I honestly think the idea of a wearable barrier is just brilliant and far more convenient than a plain old piece of latex. My clit is very sensitive, and the latex is so thin that it didn't make a difference at all. If you'd like to try a pair, you can visit mylorals.com and use the code GOASKALEX for 10 percent off."
To purchase Lorals, go to mylorals.com/goaskalex to receive the custom discount - limited to one use per customer. You can follow GoAskAlex on Twitter @goaskalexonline.

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