Girlsway Series We Like Girls Presents “Charly & Kylie”

Girlsway casts its gaze on “Charly & Kylie” in an all-new episode of We Like Girls, Bree Mills’ unscripted docu-series that highlights authentic lesbian experiences between performers who share a real-life connection. Girlsway Series We Like Girls Presents “Charly & Kylie”
“Welcome to another episode of We Like Girls! I was stoked to bring Charly Summer onto the set because I've really enjoyed working with her over the past few years. Charly is a great performer with a lot of enthusiasm, and it was with that same enthusiasm that she chose her partner for today: Kylie Rocket,” says Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer. “This was my first time getting to meet Kylie, and it was clear that Charly and Kylie have a close friendship... and some fun nicknames for each other! Kylie has a great sense of humor and a wonderful smile, and her chemistry with Charly was a delight. I hope you'll enjoy watching them too!”
The series, launched in 2018 and shot documentary-style with no cuts and minimal direction during the scene to build on the performers’ excitement and anticipation, invites a free-flow feel on set to preserve its stars’ palpable - and 100% genuine - onscreen chemistry. We Like Girls is available on the streaming platform, home to more than 380 channels, 60,000 episodes, and 8 new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios in the industry.

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