Girlsway Draws the Line in Sizzling New 4-Way Scene

Girlsway gets the gang together to “Stop This ‘Nudism’ Nonsense!” as roommates Whitney Wright, Vanessa Vega, and Serene Siren learn of their roommate Nicole Kitt’s latest leisure activity. Girlsway Draws the Line in Sizzling New 4-Way Scene Whitney, who has had enough of Nicole’s nude lunacy, sends Vanessa and Serene to talk sense into their roommate; they come back as nudists themselves!
“You three need to put your clothes back on right this second,” says an exasperated Whitney, but Nicole reasons with her: “How about you try it out, and if you don’t like it, we’ll all put our clothes back on?” Once nude, Whitney isn’t getting the appeal. “Is this what you guys took her side over?” Vanessa smiles. “Not just this.” Serene teases, “There is a little bit more to it…” Whitney is confused. “Okay, and what would that be?” Vanessa Vega enthused of the exhilarating scene: “These women have a way of making everyday fun, and this shoot was no exception! We were laughing and having the best time being silly. We got so into the scene we had to pause multiple times to fix our makeup because we were going at each other so hard! Such a passionate scene, check it out immediately!” Serene Siren added, "This scene was so freeing and fun! It was wonderful to be with such incredible women in a lighthearted, non-taboo role. We got to put our own little spin on the script, and all of us involved really seemed to love it. My most memorable moment was being in a handstand, getting my pussy licked by all the ladies. Wow! What a serene scene."
You can watch “Stop This ‘Nudism’ Nonsense!” HERE.

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