GILF RubyLynne to Publish ‘Granny Panties’ Book Amazon

RubyLynne is releasing an autobiographical, how-to book, Granny Panties, where she tells the tale of how a 50-something-year-old social worker from Portland made a fortune selling her used underwear online.
“Join me on a captivating journey as I unveil the intriguing, profitable world of selling used panties in “Granny Panties,” says RubyLynne. “In this eye-opening memoir, I share my personal experience of how  I stumbled upon an unconventional business venture that changed my life forever.” “I take you behind the scenes and reveal the secrets, strategies and techniques that contributed to my remarkable success,” says RubyLynne. “Learn how I navigated through online marketplaces, built a loyal customer base, and overcame the challenges in a business that often raised eyebrows. This book is a personal account and a comprehensive guide for anyone curious about stepping into this unorthodox realm of entrepreneurship."
You may order your copy of Granny Panties on Amazon. You may follow RubyLynne on Twitter (X) at @RubyLynne50.    

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