Embrace the Extraordinary: HourGlass Podcast Unveils ‘Las Vegas Takeover’ – The Unmissable Annual Spectacle Amid Nevada’s Dazzling Deserts

Prepare yourself for an unprecedented rendezvous beneath the radiant Nevada sun as HourGlass Podcast proudly reveals its most awaited festivity of the year – The Third Annual Las Vegas Takeover! Embrace the Extraordinary: HourGlass Podcast Unveils ‘Las Vegas Takeover’ – The Unmissable Annual Spectacle Amid Nevada’s Dazzling Deserts Mark your calendars from Thursday, July 27th, through Sunday, July 30th, and gear up for an exhilarating triad of endless entertainment, networking prospects, and an atmosphere charged with vivacity. We cordially invite you to be part of this resplendent extravaganza, guaranteed to be an unforgettable festivity!

**Señor Frog (Open Bar) - Let the Festivities Begin!**

Commencing the jubilations, Señor Frog presents an open bar that promises to keep the beverages pouring and spirits reaching for the skies. Brace yourself for a weekend soaked in mirth, camaraderie, and countless moments of euphoria.

**Pool Party Hosted by Celebrity Guests - Dive into Glamour!**

Immerse yourself in the world of glitz and glamour at our exclusive Pool Party. It's a Las Vegas nexus for the glitterati, a place where the elite and stars convene, reveling in the opulence of the city. Picture rubbing shoulders with luminaries and soaking up the quintessential Las Vegas vitality. As the stars twinkle above Sin City, don your finest attire and join Nexxt Level for an enticingly seductive lingerie party at Sin City Seafood, hosted by Rap Artist T-KAY Barbie!

**An Evening of Sultry Seduction and Dazzling Performances!**

Get ready for an unforgettable night as Sin City Seafood hosts a Lingerie Party that promises to be one for the books. The enchanting presence of your evening's host, Rap Artist T-KAY Barbie, assures an evening ripe with provocative exchanges and exhilarating performances.

**Sounds By DJ ILL WILL - Unleash the Night's Rhythm!**

Allow the rhythm to infuse your senses as DJ ILL WILL spins the hottest tracks, crafting an electric atmosphere that will keep your feet moving till dawn. Surrender to the music as it whisks you away on an exultant journey.

**B.Y.O.B Party Bus - Ride into Adventure!**

Board the B.Y.O.B Party Bus for an exhilarating excursion through the legendary Las Vegas streets. Relish the fellowship of friends, absorb the city's pulsating energy, and create memories to last a lifetime. Tickets Available On Eventbrite - Claim Your Place in the Spectacle Today, at eventbrite.com/e/las-vegas-takeover-49-states-vs-1-tickets-552295610037

**A Testament to Dedication: Crafting an Unforgettable Experience**

"The meticulous planning and unwavering dedication that goes into this event reflect our commitment to ensuring you have a phenomenal time. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our primary objectives," say the organizers.

**Meet The Nexxt Level Media Crew**

The faces and voices of the Nexxt Level Podcast, B-Lo and Rated-R, radiate a fervor and zest for crafting an ambiance of open dialogue and camaraderie. Their inherent knack for connecting with guests and listeners alike makes them ideal hosts for this mesmerizing voyage. Join B-Lo and Rated-R as they helm the Nexxt Level Podcast, fostering a community that delves into intriguing topics, explores lifestyle intricacies, and champions open-minded dialogue. Whether unveiling adult entertainment's secrets or understanding diverse lifestyles, B-Lo and Rated-R promise an entrancing journey. As the third annual Vegas event by Nexxt Level Hourglass nears, it's high time to join the thriving Nexxt Level community. Participate in the live interviews with stars in person or tune into the live stream.

**Anticipate the Nexxt Level Chicago Surprise**

Stay alert for the eagerly awaited announcement of the Nexxt Level Chicago event, led by B-Lo. This gathering is set to be a memory-maker, an extraordinary celebration not to be missed.
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