Elon Musk’s Radically Rebranded Twitter Shakes Up Cyberspace

Elon Musk, the maverick tech titan, has set forth on a mission to rebrand Twitter as "X." The brand "X," a recurring motif in Musk's corporate ventures, has now imprinted its mark on the microblogging site, sparking a maelstrom of conversations across the internet. Musk's eccentric yet magnetic allure towards "X" is a chronicle that spans over two decades. The inception of X.com, later known as Paypal, and the prominence of "X" in SpaceX, as well as the Tesla SUV, exemplify Musk's branding affinity. The latest addition to his repertoire is his innovative AI company, intriguingly christened as "X." Now, Musk is taking his X.com domain, reacquired from Paypal in 2017, and using it as the new virtual address for Twitter. A recent redirect of X.com to Twitter.com signals the nascent transition following Musk's tweet hinting at an imminent change. The Twitter bird logo is set to retire, making way for a temporary "X" insignia to take its place. The journey toward this makeover began with Musk's late-night Twitter saga. His opening salvo, a tweet announcing a farewell to the iconic bird and the Twitter brand, kicked off a flurry of tweets that lasted for hours. Musk's social media activity alternated between cryptic hints about the rebranding and interactions with curious users. Musk's communication extended beyond Twitter, as a reportedly dispatched email to Twitter employees revealed the company's impending transformation into "X." This cryptic communique was the last to bear the Twitter address, further amplifying the buzz about the rebranding. While the design of the new logo remains shrouded in Musk's typical mystique, a pinned gif, created by Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, offers a tantalizing hint. The gif bears a resemblance to the logo of Merritt's now-discontinued podcast. The rebranding marks the dawn of a new era for the social media platform, significantly diverging from its identity prior to Musk's acquisition last year. Already, a slew of changes such as limitations on DMs for non-paying users, LinkedIn-esque hiring features for verified organizations, and a platform for detailed articles have been announced. Intriguingly, the rebranding also incites speculation about the naming of video content on the platform, with queries abounding on whether it would be termed 'X videos.' Notably, a popular adult entertainment site, Xvideos, already holds that title. After its Twitter account suspension, #xVideos started trending, fanning the flames of online chatter about Musk's rebranding move.   We'll keep an eye on this developing story and update you as more information becomes available. In the meantime, be sure and follow us on Twitter (X) at @Fleshbot.  

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