Elaina St. James Sparks Outrage in New Boy/Girl Video

Elaina St. James has inadvertently found herself in a firestorm of controversy on the heels of the 55-year old content creator casting 23-years-younger adult film star Lucas Frost to shoot her first-ever Boy/Girl sex tape. Elaina St. James Sparks Outrage in New Boy/Girl Video Well-known online as ‘OnlyFans’ Favorite MILF’, St. James’ age-positive showcase with Frost - the result of “a thoroughly enjoyable” ‘Prince of Porn’ talent search - earned positive praise from her many thousands of subscribers, as well her highest monthly earnings to date.
"Fans have begged me to film with a man the entire two years I’ve been on OnlyFans, but as a single mom with no time to date, it was almost impossible,” explains Elaina St. James. “But the requests kept coming, and, realizing that the most successful creators offer ‘real sex’ videos, I decided to make the leap. Since my core fan demographic is mostly between 20 and 40, they wanted me to shoot with a co-star in their age range.”
Despite such a profitable collaboration, random Internet strangers have taken to social media to voice their disapproval. “My DMs on social media have been filled with harassment and insults for being an ‘old woman’ daring to perform with such a young man. Sadly, most of the hate is coming from women: older women say I should be ashamed of myself, body shaming me and pointing out my physical flaws, while younger women tell me I should ‘check into a nursing home’." The criticism has also hit closer to home: "I have lost a few friends over this and it is really disappointing. They know that everything I do professionally as a single mom is to give my child a better life and myself a retirement fund.  If I was a 55-year old man sleeping with a 32 year old woman, no one would care!” Undeterred by the detractors, St. James says she has no regrets: "Absolutely not! I did this to make money and the sales prove that this was the right professional decision; it was worth all the insults and criticisms. For me, the experience has been positive, enjoyable and empowering as a middle-aged woman. I might even film with someone younger next time! If the mutual respect and chemistry are there, after a certain point, age is truly just a number!”
You can follow Elaina St. James on Twitter @ElainaStJames. You can follow Lucas Frost on Twitter @LucasxFrost.

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