Elaina St. James Rocks Nearly 150 Million Views (and Counting!) with ‘Magical’ Pink Satin Robe

Elaina St. James is busting out of her socials as a bona fide style star, thanks to her flirtatious video clips featuring an eye-catching collection of satin robes - in particular, one $7.99 pink floral number from Amazon that is grabbing plenty of attention to the tune of 85.1 million views. Elaina St. James The specialty MILF solo performer and top OnlyFans model has since added other styles of colorful flowing robes to her creative repertoire on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Fansly, and Facebook, totaling nearly 150 million views - and inspiring her own online imitators!
“How a robe can create such a commotion is surprising to me, but across my Instagram accounts, I have over 128 million views (and growing) from my various satin robes - many colors, floral and solid colors, but by far, for some reason, the Pink Floral Satin Robe tops the others,” said St. James of her comfortable cover-ups and their sensual appeal. “It’s now one of my signature looks! “By the way, I have started noticing other creators are copying me - several have actually talked to me directly telling me that they are - but I find it a wonderful compliment to be an inspiration for other creators. “I have a theory that the Instagram algorithm likes it, and men have definitely responded positively; I call it the Fishing Lure Theory - ‘Bright, Shiny, and Moving’. I bought this particular robe in October and posted the biggest Instagram Reel on November 2nd… never had any idea that it would be my most successful Reel or that it would result in my best month on OnlyFans. I gained 3,000 fans in the month of November alone. Coincidence? “Another odd part of that is I noticed a greater percentage of fans from Southern Europe - Spain, Italy, and Greece. Why? I don't know but it’s fun to speculate to the cultural and psychological pull of the pink floral satin robe.”
St. James, who launched her OnlyFans career in April 2021 and now boasts many thousands of loyal followers thanks to her fabulously cheeky content highlighting a playful sense of humor, can be found wearing her gorgeous satin robes on Twitter at @ElainaStJames.  

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