Elaina St. James Featured in New HuffPost Article

OnlyFans content creator, Elaina St. James, is opening up about her incredible accomplishments over the past two years as a midlife model and creator in a just-released HuffPost Personal article. The first-person piece, “I'm A 55-Year-Old Single Mom. Here's How I Became One Of The Most Popular Models On OnlyFans”, establishes St. James’ interest in joining the wildly-popular platform that offers industrious models and entertainers the opportunity to make serious money selling their creative content via its monthly subscription service.
“I read several other articles about mom OnlyFans models, and the women were all attractive, but they weren’t supermodels. I wasn’t in great shape but felt I could clean up well enough that maybe, just maybe, this could be my chance to make some additional income. I will never forget thinking, ‘If I can make one-tenth of what these women make, it will be life-changing.’” St. James explains while she had done some glamour modeling in her 20s, she was dubious about her ‘Mom’ appeal, saying she “wasn’t convinced that men would find me attractive. My mother had told me that ‘when a woman is past 45, she becomes invisible to men’. When I went on dating apps and saw that most men around my age were looking for women much younger than me, I accepted that she was right. I felt resigned to the fact that my days of being desirable were over.”
Elaina St. James Featured in New HuffPost Article However, after much research and strategizing, St. James launched her OnlyFans page in 2021 and has spent the past two years building an enviable fan following that now earns her a six-figure income and the welcome realization of a heretofore unknown truth: “Many men in their 20s and 30s fantasize about being with an older woman!
“Some people say I’m too old to do adult modeling, but that just makes me smile. The market decides who’s hot and who’s not, and currently, there is a market for women like me — and it’s bigger than most people know. Part of my mission is spreading age positivity and giving women ― and men ― a better appreciation of aging. I want people to know that it’s never too late to start something new ― even if it’s scary or you think it might never happen for you." “The universe presented an opportunity, and I seized it, and because of it, I have learned several valuable lessons: taking calculated (not reckless) risks can bring about incredible changes; life rewards action; never give up the hope that tomorrow could spark an idea that could change your life for the better (and keep your eyes peeled for them); and most of all, you can begin again at any age ― women don’t become invisible at 50 (unless they want to be, and that’s OK too)!”
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