Donald Trump’s New Laywer Todd Blanche Was Following Two Escorts on Twitter

I'm not really one to write about politics; it's just not my thing. But sometimes, a story is too good to pass up, and this one is a doozie. As I'm sure everyone knows, Donald Trump was indicted by a grand jury on 34 felony counts, one of which involved some hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. To defend himself, Donald Trump hired attorney Todd Blanche. In fact, Todd Blanche resigned from his position as a partner at an elite New York law firm to join the former president's defense team.
Blanche, until recently a partner at law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, said in an email obtained by POLITICO that he was resigning from the firm because "I have been asked to represent Trump in the recently charged DA case, and after much thought/consideration, I have decided it is the best thing for me to do and an opportunity I should not pass up."
I had never heard of this man, so of course, I headed over to Twitter to look him up. His Twitter account wasn't all that interesting. In fact, he only followed 48 people, so obviously, I had to click and see who the man is following. I mean, why not?  Donald Trump's Laywer Todd Blanche Follows a Porn Star and High End New York Escort What do you think I found? Well, let's say that birds of a feather do indeed flock together. Donald Trump's new lawyer was following two high-end New York escorts. Yes, you heard me right!  Donald Trump's New Laywer Todd Blanche Follows Two Escorts on Twitter The first of which just so happens to have been "touring" in New York City from March 14th - 24th, which is Roxy Rae (not to be confused with the porn star of the same name).  Donald Trump's Laywer Todd Blanche Follows a Two High End Escorts The second is an escort by the name of Dani Mae, of which I don't know much about. If you, like me, were wondering what the FMTY in her bio means, it is short for "my me to you."
Fly Me To You (FMTY) is an sex worker term used in reference to allowing a person to travel to your location for a professional date or rendezvous at a rate
Todd Blanche has since deleted his Twitter, but not before we got screenshots! :)

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