Delphine Films New Release Starring Liz Jordan & Robby Apples

Award-winning adult film director Bloomer Yang has directed a sexy new scene, "Undercover Lover," for Delphine Films that stars Liz Jordan as an undercover cop and Robby Apples as a mobster. Delphine Films New Release Starring Liz Jordan & Robby Apples Last night, Delphine Films released "Undercover Lover," starring Liz Jordan and Robby Apples. Bloomer Yang directs the scene that revolves around seduction and secrets. Liz plays an undercover cop who's planted to get secrets out of mobster Robby. The scene opens with them drinking wine and kissing before Robby walks away to take a call, and Liz drops a video camera in a plant. When he comes back, she goes to the bathroom to freshen up. Once in the bathroom, it's revealed she has a wire that she talks into to let her team know she's going offline, and if they don't hear from her by the morning, to send backup. Liz returns to the living room, flirts with him, steals his phone, and gets more details about his import distribution and TVs on trucks. Liz gets the ball rolling and starts sucking on his cock, which leads to them both getting undressed, Robby going down on her, and then fucking her in missionary and anal. To thank him, Liz drops to her knees to blow him again, and Robby picks her up and fucks her before heading back for some more anal and finishing on her ass. In the end, the only other info Liz gets out of Robby is that he knows how to fuck her in all her holes.
“Although I’ve worked with Robby many times, it’s my first time working with Liz. She was really incredible with her acting and on-screen performance. And their chemistry was amazing!” says Bloomer Yang.
Check out the trailer and exclusive scene for “Undercover Lover” on the official Delphine Films website.

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