Delphine Films Mockumentary BTS Gives Real Gossip in Episode 5

Adult film director Bloomer Yang's mockumentary series "Behind the Scenes" rolls out Episode 5, and the makeup artist is gossiping and causing problems on set. Delphine Films Mockumentary BTS Gives Real Gossip in Episode 5 Episode 5 of "Behind the Scenes" is now available. This week's installation, "The Makeup Artist Gossips," brings makeup artist Hailey (Kenna James) to the forefront. Lurking around and making mental notes, she sees everything and will keep it a secret for a price. Hailey catches director of photography Jimmy (Will Pounder) and PA Paige (Charlie Forde) in the kitchen talking about their three-way with gaffer Timmy (Tommy Pistol) and asks her to keep it a secret. When Hailey sees assistant director Alice (Lulu Chu) and Jimmy kissing, she knows she must expose their affair to save her from future heartbreak. Hailey chats with the female lead, Chloe (Jane Wilde), about things happening on set. Jane immediately thinks people are doing drugs and lets the director (Oliver Wong) know. Oliver calls a staff and crew meeting to find out what's going on. Jimmy decides to expose their adult action, but Alice gives Jimmy a pass and orders Max and Chloe to do sex prep. Paige sneaks into the bathroom with male lead Max (Nathan Bronson) and flirts with him before masturbating in front of him. Will Max blow his wad before the scene? You'll have to watch and see.
"This series feature was so much fun to make, and I'm sad that next week is the last episode. Everyone loves it because they're entertained, get a few laughs, and can jerk off. What more could you ask for?!" says Bloomer Yang.
Catch up on “Behind the Scenes,” and watch the four previous episodes and the latest one at HERE. A new episode will premiere through next week.

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