Delphine Films Drops ‘Play Your Game’ & It’s So On

Award-winning adult film director Bloomer Yang has a brand-new scene he directed for Delphine Films, and it’s all about board games and the love games we play. Delphine Films Drops ‘Play Your Game’ & It’s So On Directed by Bloomer Yang, "Play Your Game" stars Kimmy Kim and Nathan Bronson and opens with an intense game of Jenga and super competitive Nathan vying to win for the seventh time. Nathan bets if she wins, they eat in, but if he wins, they go out to dinner. Nathan throws the game because he's hungry. While eating dinner, Nathan makes a lot of passes at Kimmy, and she gets angry. Kimmy feels like Nathan wants her just for sex. Kimmy's ready to leave after Nathan tells her he's horny as fuck, even though she wants to make memories out of the bedroom. Nathan gives in and says they can play any games she likes if she just stays. They play poker, and Kimmy loses all her chips. Nathan makes another bet with her—if she wins, Kimmie gets all her chips back, but if Kimmy loses, she strips. After another loss, Kimmy strips down to her lacey bra and panties. Nathan just wants to stare at her, but it becomes evident she wants it just as much as he does.
"I really liked writing and directing 'Play Your Game' because there's so much depth to it. They play many board games and poker and games with each other. All they both want is to fuck. Both Kimmy and Nathan are trying to be the ultimate winner and call the shots," says Bloomer Yang.
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