Delilah Dubois Featured on ‘Like A VRgin’ Podcast

In an electrifying episode of the innovative sextech series 'Like a VRgin,' host Banksie sat down with the illustrious Delilah Dubois, a renowned burlesque artist. Now available on YouTube, this exclusive showcases Dubois' magnetic allure, her profound journey, and her intriguing perspectives on technology's evolving role in performance arts. Delilah Dubois Featured on 'Like A VRgin' Podcast
Lindsey Banks, the face of BanksieTV and host of the show, commented, "Welcoming Delilah Dubois to our platform was akin to capturing lightning in a bottle. The sincerity with which she shared her artistry and her fervor for activism rendered this episode nothing short of spellbinding."
Taking the immersive experience a notch higher, the episode unveils a cutting-edge 3D avatar of Dubois, crafted meticulously by the tech maestros at BanksieTV. This fusion of traditional artistry with modern-day technology promises to offer viewers a unique spectacle, exemplifying the seamless blend of past and present. Fans of the show can catch the interview on YouTube and major audio streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and iHeartRadio.
  • You can follow Lindsey Banks on Twitter (X) at @QueenBanksie.
  • You can follow Delilah Dubois on Twitter (X) at @DelilahDuBois.

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