Crystal Rush Guests on YWF: Going Deeper

Crystal Rush is the latest adult star to guest on Season 4 Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper. This season features all-star interviews, and the hosts delve deep with their questions for their guests. Crystal Rush Guests on YWF: Going Deeper The latest guest of Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper is Crystal Rush, and she speaks in-depth about her life and career. Crystal chops it up with quirky and hilarious hosts Shane and Matt. Crystal fields questions about how she started her career, beginning in the Russian adult industry and moving halfway around the world to the States to take her career to the next level, misconceptions about Russian women (hint: they’re not cold but hard workers and passionate), differences between the industry in Russia and the US, things she doesn’t enjoy doing on camera, the freedom she gets by being in the industry, being around some of the sexiest people in the world, learning how to have anal sex professionally, staying humble and not letting the fame get to you, her next drop of merch on Inside the Drop, and much more.
“This interview was a lot of fun, and Shane and Matt made me laugh a lot. I love that they promoted my OnlyFans and actually asked their listeners to pay for their adult content. You definitely want to watch the video on YouTube or listen to my interview on the major podcast platforms,” says Crystal Rush.
[embedyt][/embedyt] “YWF Going Deeper: S4E3 – Crystal Rush” is available to watch on YouTube. Make sure to hit the “Subscribe” button. The audio version is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, and iHeart Radio. Upcoming interviews in Season 4 Your Worst Friend: Going Deeper, include Penny Barber, Shay Sights, Jessica Starling, and Onyx Muse. Make sure to watch Crystal's newest scenes with MYLF and Nubiles! You can follow Crystal Rush on Twitter @_rush187_.

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