Christy Mack Gives Exclusive Interview in New Holly Randall Unfiltered Podcast

Holly Randall Unfiltered has released its exclusive interview with adult film star Christy Mack. Christy Mack Gives Exclusive Interview in Holly Randall Unfiltered Podcast Christy Mack made international headlines in 2014 when she suffered a life-threatening beating at the hands of her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend, War Machine. But that is not where her story started — or where it ends. In this episode, Christy shares the surprising person who told her to get into porn, how an early manager tried to change her look, and how not one but TWO guys failed in her first scene! Then, she explains how her relationship with War Machine escalated to the night of the attack, and why she refused to stay silent about her abuse.
"I was so honored to have Christy on my show-- not only is she such an icon, but her story of survival is so inspiring and I think important for other women dealing with domestic abuse to hear,” says Randall. “But aside from all that, Christy is actually such an incredibly warm, sweet, and funny person that I wanted to talk to her about more than just that one headline-grabbing incident that everyone knows her for. It tends to overshadow who she is as a person, and so to give her a full hour to just talk about herself: how she got started in her career, and her dreams and aspirations, and what matters to her, is so important.” “I was so excited for this interview to be released,” says Christy Mack. “I feel there are many important topics discussed, and I'm in good company among all of the other multifaceted, strong, intelligent people of the industry Holly has given a platform to. I'm looking forward to seeing how my story of domestic violence will be received nearly a decade later, in a time when sex work is much more accepted, and the idea that dv/sa is a secret shame that only happens to certain people has mostly passed. I look forward to working with Holly in the future and seeing all of the teachable moments she will share with others on her podcast.” Randall was grateful for the time spent with Mack, and to record an incredibly important discussion. “You will leave this episode just falling in love with this incredibly bright light of a human being."
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