Cherie DeVille Writes For Rolling Stone

Multimedia star Cherie DeVille recently penned an article for Rolling Stone to discuss her appearance in Netflix’s new documentary “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story” which debuts on Wednesday, March 13. The documentary covers the streaming site’s rise in popularity and the alleged connections to sex trafficking. Cherie DeVille Writes For Rolling Stone Cherie DeVille describes her misgivings about talking about the Pornhub scandal again, but she felt it necessary to appear as an industry advocate. In this article, Cherie talks about her interview experience and how the producers promised to show the industry side of the scandal – that the right-wing Christian groups’ real agenda is to shut down the legal porn industry. Cherie also discusses how the interviews with porn performers were portrayed vs the interviews with the supposed advocates. In the end, Cherie’s opinion of the film is neutral, but she wants everyone to know that it’s important for her fellow performers to speak up.
“I want to thank Rolling Stone for allowing me to write about my experience on set for ‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story,” Cherie commented. “Pornhub isn’t important to me, but what is important is speaking out about the true intentions of these ‘anti trafficking’ groups.”
You can follow Cherie DeVille on Twitter @cheriedeville. You can follow Rolling Stone on Twitter @RollingStone.

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